Covid-19 Wedding Package

Weddings and private events are the bread and butter of many businesses in the event industry. For the last week, we’ve noticed that we’re getting more emails about late 2020 and 2021 weddings and events. It seems as though people are more comfortable planning their events, again.

Smaller Weddings/Events

We’re noticing that the larger weddings are not as common, likely due to COVID 19. Many of the inquiries we received are for 100 or fewer guests. We expect this trend to continue, at least until the threat of the virus is minimized.

Micro-weddings are becoming more prevalent. We’re also seeing far more mentions of “elopement weddings.” This is certainly going to take a toll on wedding DJs. Especially with social distancing still being a thing, dancing is not at the top of everyone’s list, unfortunately.

The Rise of Dinner Parties

We’re also noticing a trend with events having a long cocktail hour or extended dinners, with no dancing. This doesn’t mean they won’t need a DJ, but they’ll likely need less time from DJs. We’re not sure if this will only affect 2020 events, but it seems to be the case, so far. Taken from Mobile Beat Magazine

Covid – 19 Package Includes Music Lights and Emceeing, longer coctail music, includes First Dance, Father Daughter, and Mother Son, and for the rest of night playing Enjoyable sing – a – long music